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Greetings! I'm Gazongaman....

....a lover of women's breasts, also known as: boobs, hooters, tits, cans, jugs, boobies, titties, bazooms, yabos, ta-tas, and gazongas. Well, you get the idea. I've had this "thing" about breasts ever since I saw my first pair when I was ten.

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The purpose of this page is to document my adoration of the female breast - from "highly personal" one-on-one encounters with special women in my life - to my personal artistic photowork with nude models and with adult amateur web-mistresses - to visiting strip-clubs and other adult entertainment experiences on journeys up and down the East Coast. I have been a commercial photographer since the age or 16, and been shooting nude and semi-nude photos of pretty women since the age of 17, so I have a lot of experience in that area. I've been going to strip-clubs and enjoying other forms of adult entertainment for twenty years, so I think I have a good perspective.

I'll be posting reviews of my experiences - good and bad - and also hope to post some pics along with the text. And I'll be posting any other helpful information that I think might be useful: locations of all-night eateries, gas stations, and supermarkets (where, for example, you can find condoms after last-call); hotels/motels; where the talent likes to hang-out after work, etc. I haven't made any significat strip clubbing visits yet, but when I do I will report them.

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Click "here " to find out about my work with artistic nudes and with amateur web-babes.

Click "here " to find out about my strip-club and adult entertainment activities.

Please check back frequently for my updates.

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